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Today, 4-16-10, is Foursquare Day. Rejoice, Foursquare users! (Foursquarers? Foursquares? Foursies?) Finally, you have a day of celebration where you can attend parties filled with Foursquare users. And earn a special badge. Also, you can check in to places. And stuff. If you’re neither a Foursquare user nor a social media news junkie, you probably [...]

We’ve been experimenting with using Twitter at live game tournaments. Already it’s proved extremely useful for delivering match results which, coupled with Livestreaming, bring real-time updates of your event to those not in attendance. Several corporate tournaments use Twitter to fantastic effect – for instance, Magic: The Gathering’s live event coverage is a thing of [...]

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article up about Foursquare. Only it’s not about what Foursquare’s creators designed it for. College students at University of Texas are tagging their campus with jokes, tips and gags. Not “tips” as in “I checked in on Foursquare and then left a tip.” No, students are leaving behind [...]

What is a Wavedash?

1) A technique in Super Smash Bros. Melee that lets you move quickly without changing direction.

2) A blog about online communities and the grassroots engines that power them.

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