How to Disagree

In: Buried Treasure

22 May 2008

The Disagreement Pyramid. It’s like the food pyramid, only instead of sugar and grains, it ranks ad hominem and ‘ur mom.’

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alyce: Thx for the #ff and right back at ya @scav @irajcohen
8 hours ago
scav: #FF @jccronin author of The Passage; @bradkauffman the jobhunting community manager; @Alyce and the Social Media Club SF gang
8 hours ago
smynyouko: @Scav Yep, and I'm pretty sure if USA draws the next game, we need England to lose in order to move on. #worldcup
8 hours ago
jasonthinks: Correct @Scav. US moves on if we win the next game. Our fate is in our own hands, or in the case of FIFA, the hands of the refs. #worldcup
8 hours ago
scav: So it looks like if the US wins its next game, it makes the tournament no matter what. Is that correct? Anyone?
8 hours ago

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